Tungsten Fishing Sinkers

Tungsten Fishing Sinkers Picture

Tungsten fishing sinkers are weight used in conjunction with a fishing lure or hook to increase its rate of sink, anchoring ability, and casting distance. Fishing sinkers have two-fold function, first getting the bait rig where you want but should keep it there.

Different tungsten fishing sinkers have different weights. According to different uses or places they are used, it may be as small as 1/32 of an ounce for applications in shallow water, and even smaller for fly-fishing applications, or as large as several pounds or considerably more for deep sea fishing. Then according to different anglers, the concentration of shape and weight is different too. For example, for pier fishing, where distance is less important than structure and location, the weight of the sinker is more important than its overall shape. Other factors come into play for shoreline fishing, of course the angler's needs become more specialized.

Many environmentalists has been well studied the effect of lead shotgun shot on the environment and it was first reported in the late 1800s that large die-offs due to lead poisoning and continued through the next century, eventually the 1991 Federal ban on the use of lead shot in hunting turned up. However, the impact of lead fishing tackle has not been as well studied, but the poisoning is greatly touch everyone, because it’s everyone’s oblige to protect the environment from poisoned. So, more and more people call to adopt non-toxic materials like tungsten to be the materials for the tungsten fishing sinkers. As a result, tungsten with the environment friendly and easily machined properties praise highly between the fishing sinkers area.

There are many different types of tungsten fishing sinkers and a variety of shapes and sizes that run from the basic to the bizarre. Split shot fishing sinkers, rubber core fishing sinkers, bell fishing sinkers, pyramid fishing sinkers, bank fishing sinkers, walking fishing sinkers, bullet fishing sinkers, egg fishing sinkers,dollar fishing sinkers, ball fishing sinkers, banana fishing sinkers and one or two eye fishing sinkers. And the pyramid fishing sinkers, bank fishing sinkers, dollar fishing sinkers, ball fishing sinkers, banana fishing sinkers and one or two eye sinkers are the most commonly used sinkers for saltwater fishing.